Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Almost Been A Year

Well its been a while so i figured i would give an update. I am weighing in at 200lbs even as of today and im happy with that concidering i went up to 210 after wedding season but I am back on track now. In other news I made it into paramedic school and i am really excited about that. I got in and got the money together but now im just waiting to see how work can adjust my shift for the next year. It will be a long hard journey but it will be worth it in the end putting me one step closer(the biggest step) to my dream of being a firefighter. I also only did 1 5K this year and it was the cougar 5K at SXU not because i didnt want to do more but with paying off bills and trying to save up for medic school the entry fee's start to add up. But for next year I would like to do a few more as well as even train for the chicago half marathon. Well thats all i got for now but i will update again soon .

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